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Xiaotian Zhang(张啸天)

Shanghai, China


About me

An NLP researcher.

My research direction includes grammatical error correction and 1dialogue systems, and now I am mainly interested in artificial general intelligence(AGI) and the inference optimization and deployment for Large Language Models(LLM).


- Artificial Intelligence, Mathematics and Literature 

- Boulder, Swimming and Traveling

Education Experience

- M.E., Computer Science, Fudan University, 2024

- B.E., Civil Engineering, Tongji University, 2022


Self-study courses

· Data Structure, Zhejiang University, Online
· Operating System, MIT 6.828
· Computer Organization and Design, 
· Mathematical Analysis, 
· Introduction to Computing Theory, 

Campus courses

· Deep learning, Tongji University,
· Numerical Computation, Tongji University,

Other Experience

During my undergraduate years, I did some work applying computer technology to the field of civil engineering, and through programming and machine learning technology, I helped teachers and students of Tongji University, College of Design realize some ideas.

Past Projects